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Performed November 1, 2013 at FOKL in Kansas City, Kansas

Mike Donovan is best known as the front man of the recently defunct Sic Alps. Their final release, a single titled She’s On Top, came out a little more than six months ago in May. Wasting no time, Donovan dropped his first solo LP Wot in October on Drag City, and is currently on the road in support of the release.

Show time at FOKL began a little behind schedule as result of some late load in’s and the implementation of a common practice called “Waiting-for-more-people-to-show-up” (which they rarely do). It was just shy of midnight by the time Donovan took the stage and the crowd was thin. That’s hard luck in my opinion. A place like FOKL should be bustling at midnight on a Friday, but unfortunately the show was booked directly following Halloween. It’s likely most of the people who would attend such a show instead hit up any number of the midtown, spillover costume parties.

Mike Donovan’s set was modest, not just in terms of length, but in terms of sonic abrasion. The singer/songwriter aesthetic is a departure from many of Sic Alps’ more noisy recordings. At another glance though, Donovan’s current offerings aren’t too far from where he left off with Sic Alps. Don’t call it more of the same, call it a continuation.


Listen to Mike Donovans set now with the embed below (31:09)

Listen to Mike Donovan’s set later, with tracks already separated, by clicking the mediafire link below

Set List for Mike Donovan

1. Do Do Ya?

2. MP3 Farm

3. R. Reg

4. The Kid

5. New Fieldhand Bop

6. Sic Ballad

7. Bloom

8. Untitled

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