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Performed October 29, 2013 at Plush in Saint Louis, Missouri

Mosquito Bandito

Mosquito Bandito, drunk again, at Plush’s upstairs lounge. Photo by Andrew Erdrich

To some, John Larson, the one man bandito known as Mosquito Bandito, is a legend. He’s toured extensively in various bands and as a solo performer; lived in cities across the country; built a rock n’ roll oasis (The Middle East) by rehabbing downtrodden homes in the east side of Kansas City; and shown unbelievable innovation in his pursuit of being cheap as possible. This spawn of Michigan has also spent much of his life fulfilling the dreams of a five-year-old; owning numerous motorcycles, shooting guns in his basement, having free and open access to a four-player Blitz Arcade Machine, and stocking his very own Pepsi brand soda dispenser with yard beer. To me, however, Johnny is not just an entertaining and talented musician, but a good friend. There are few people I would rather be crammed next to in a St. Louis bound, mid-sized SUV.

For your convenience (and mine) I’ve bullet pointed some highlights from our trip:

• The sound guy never really decided just exactly what he wanted that kick drum to sound like, enjoy!

• Beer ticket exchange was confusing and often disappointing, but Johnny managed to drink too much whiskey anyway

• Most of the money made that night was blown on crave cases of jalapeño and cheese sliders from White Castle

Sneaky Creeps was the only act that was not a one-man-band

• Isaac, once again, managed to find someone to bum him a cigarette

• The car ride home smelled bad


Listen to Mosquito Banditos set now with the embed below (17:57)

Listen to Mosquito Bandito’s set later, with tracks already separated, by clicking the mediafire link below

Set List for Mosquito Bandito

1. Alcohol

2. Pillow Fight/Satan (1:57)

3. Paint In a Bag (4:51)

4. Martin Luther King [Touchers] (7:24)

5. Art School (9:47)

6. Baby Teeth (11:34)

7. She Said [Hasil Adkins] (11:54)

For More Mosquito Bandito Click the Link Below

This recording was made and posted with permission of your friend and mine, John Larson. If you like his tunes then next time you see him playing buy him a drink or maybe one of his many dust collecting seven inches. If you like this blog then kindly share it, subscribe to it, leave some comments, and keep reading. Also, a facebook page for Big Urges is up at, so click it for more bonus material and like the page to help spread the word!

Performed May 17, 2013 at The Middle East, Kansas City, MO

Marquee Board, Photo By Sadie Pike

Marquee Board, Photo By Sadie Pike

Wett Nurse, Photo By Andrew Erdrich

Wett Nurse, Photo By Andrew Erdrich























Despite a population of only 20,000 citizens, Marquett is the biggest city in the Upper Penninsula (U.P.) of Michigan. It also boasts the large, 10,000 student Northern Michigan University, whose football team plays their home games in the world’s largest wooden dome, the Superior Dome. Hooray Wildcats. Marquett is also the hometown of Wett Nurse, a concise, lo-fi, psych band. Upon their 2010 inception the band consisted of Anastasia Vlasta Greer and Matt Lynch, but have since expanded to around 4 or, at times, 5 members. When they last visited KC a few weeks ago Greer (keys) and Lynch (guitar) were there along side Matt Bullock (bass) and Nick Erickson (drums). Nick was also sharing duties as the drummer of the other Marquett area band on tour, Sycamore Smith and The Gray Beast. The night was opened by Sneaky Creeps and closed by Stiff Knight and the Hard Ensemble, both KC locals. Somewhere in the mix fellow KC friends Wayne Pain and The Shit Stains played.

Wett Nurse’s set was less than half an hour but they still managed to play a dozen songs, break a string or two, and throw in a cover of The Sonics’ tune The Witch. They also managed to maintain their momentum from song to song despite a few restarts which may bother some and seem like a sign of amateurism, but I personally don’t go to basement shows to hear music recitals. These guys are definitely garage rockers which means you can’t hear the vocals for shit, but a good number of their songs don’t have vocals anyway (or I just couldn’t tell). The crowd was a little small, but perhaps we can chalk that up to collective laziness in promotion/venue accessibility. I know I personally didn’t hang any flyers. At some point there were actually about 20 people, but 4 or 5 left after a man showed up to the adjoining house with a gunshot wound he received a couple blocks away. Even though he was only looking to use a phone to call for some help the whole event still spooked a good number people away. Maybe this is why it’s hard to get a good, consistent draw to The Middle East. Wett Nurse played on, oblivious to the events next door, with catchy keyboard hooks and driving guitar a plenty. They were followed by compatriots Sycamore Smith and The Gray Beast who played a solid set of anti-folk, electro-acoustic, singer/songwriter songs. Sycamore Smith… is returning with some other Michigan friends in August, which means KC has another chance to show some hospitality, and I’ll be writing about another Marquett band in the foreseeable future.


Listen to Wett Nurse’s set now with the embed below (27:48)

Listen to Wett Nurse’s set later with tracks already separated with the mediafire download below

Track List For Wett Nurse

1. Man Beast

2. Unknown 1 (1:35)

3. SPOOK IT (4:16)

4. Ride My Rootbeer Barrel (7:44)

5.  Bring Me Your Satans (9:22)

6. Unknown 2 (11:44)

7. Summer Cummers (14:02)

8. Unknown 3 (16:20)

9. The Witch (18:19, The Sonics cover)

10. Throne Of Bones (21:06)

11. Wett Dreams (22:47)

12 Imperial Reaction (25:07)

For More Wett Nurse go to their website:

This recording was posted with permission from the very wonderfully pleasant people of Wett Nurse. Cheers!