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Performed February 2, 2016 at Snake Tank in Kansas City, Missouri


The members of SODA performing in the red light of the Snake Tank

SODA is a trio of Floridians based in Gainsville who entreat their audiences to a slack yet coarse mixture of punk rock. Steeped as it is in intermittently abrasive and/or catchy mid-tempo tunes, I would hesitate to call their music gravy-esque. However, that tinge of swampiness may come from some deeply engrained and still thriving southern love of country music. For us Midwest folk (or maybe just me) it can be easy to forget Florida is a part of “The South”, it seems so much like it’s own sovereign nation (re: Texas). Dare I invoke the perennial name of the Florida Man?

Despite their roots, each member appears to have been successful at dressing appropriately for the season. In their hardy little Subaru station wagon they rode the coattails of the recent, massive snowstorm up the east coast, playing to audience members who had not had the luxury of being able to leave their homes for a few days. Trekking towards their turnaround point in Tulsa, they landed in KC on day 12 of a nearly 3 week tour. Their 15 minute set at the underground Snake Tank prompted the cry for an encore, and, with minimal heckling, they obliged.

All this fuss and meteorological daring is in support of their newest vinyl EP, Without A Head, released January 15th on Parquet Courts‘ label Dull Tools, and engineered by Jonathan Nuñez of Torche. Though SODA singer and guitarist Arlington Garrett III may be old buds with Parquet Courts’ front man Andrew Savage, this small bit of nepotism does not tarnish what is, in fact, a very good EP. SODA‘s only lineup consists of Garrett alongside the bass and vocals of Lara Lookabaugh and the drums of Meredith Kite.

SODA was supported by the now-crucial-KC-punk outfit Phantom Head and Warm Bodies, who played their first gig for the occasion. I can’t wait to see the next one.


Listen to SODA’s set now with the embed below (20:29)

Or listen to SODA‘s set later, with tracks titled and separated, by clicking the mediafire link below

Setlist for SODA

1. New Trash

2. Janie Juicehead (2:30)

3. Blonde On Blonde (4:30)

4. Parking Lot (8:37)

5. Know How (11:20)

6. Chasin’ Tail (13:20)

7. “One More Song” (17:12)

8. Plucking Hairs [Encore] (18:04)

Click the link below to hear more music by SODA

Click the link below to buy SODA’s newest EP, Without A Head, from Dull Tools

Editor’s note:

Long time friends Lara and Meredith also sometimes run a podcast together called Female Trouble, that podcast can be heard below 

Thanks to the crew of Snake Tank, all the members of SODA, Phantom Head, and Warm Bodies for making this show possible. Thanks to SODA again for giving me the permission to publish this post. Thanks to everyone that came and bought merchandise and paid door cover, you keep the dream alive. If you weren’t able to make it or didn’t have the scratch to buy anything at the show visit Dull Tools‘ bandcamp site and pick up SODA‘s new EP, Without A Head. If you like this blog then kindly share it, subscribe to it, leave some comments, and keep reading. You can also like and follow the facebook page,, for more bonus material. Cheers!