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Performed November 23, 2013 at FOKL in Kansas City, Kansas

Another night at FOKL. It’s cold inside and out, but the turnout is decent. Most people are hanging out in the foyer recently turned smoking lobby, or milling about the show floor waiting for the change over. The show was billed as a fundraiser for Kansas City’s independent theater the Tivoli. “GO DIGITAL OR GO DARK…SAVE THE TIVOLI,” exclaims the hand bill. While I doubt the amount of money raised could be anything but marginal, it remains a kind gesture from one community minded organization to another.

On the flip side, music-for-the-cause doesn’t seem to fit the HŮMΔN ŦRΔFFIC aesthetic. Their new industrial, ALL CAPS, cyber goth doesn’t exactly scream charity, yet there they are. If the gamble was to find an electronic band that had a draw, then it may have paid off. HŮMΔN ŦRΔFFIC has managed to endear themselves to the morbidly inclined of Kansas City while entering into the normal rotation of the local underground. Their sets are aggressive, dark, and loud. Vocals are buried beneath a digital din, while audio collages recorded onto cassette segue one song into another. Their FOKL showing didn’t deviate from this formula.

Like Metatone, HŮMΔN ŦRΔFFIC occupies a niche more or less unclaimed by other KC bands. This could help them to stand out, but it could also typecast them. I understand the need for an aesthetic. It helps contextualize the music, create an environment, and even align the band to certain musical trends. It’s part of the whole package. In many ways HŮMΔN ŦRΔFFIC‘s image is complete and cohesive, from their clothes, song titles, and even their band name. Again, the risk is that this image could become a limiting factor which would relegate HŮMΔN ŦRΔFFIC into the category of novelty. Time will tell.


Listen to HŮMΔN ŦRΔFFICs set now with the embed below (27:58)

Listen to HŮMΔN ŦRΔFFIC’s set later, with tracks already separated, by clicking the mediafire link below



2. TURBO SLUT (5:01)


4. BLOOD ORPHAN (14:43)

5.  FVTVREPVNK (19:15)

6. GOTH RAVE (24:15)

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Although this recording was initially made without permission, the crew of HŮMΔN ŦRΔFFIC has since graciously sanctioned it. Show your support for their music by visiting their various web pages and liking their facebook page. If you think this blog is worth chattering about then kindly share it, subscribe to it, leave some comments, and keep reading. You can also like and follow the facebook page (located at for more bonus material and update notifications!

Performed September 26, 2013 at The Brick in Kansas City, Missouri

Keith Rankin, a.k.a. Giant Claw, performing. Photo by Andrew Erdrich

Keith Rankin, a.k.a. Giant Claw, performing. Photo by Andrew Erdrich

Electronic night at The Brick opened with the premier of Kansas City’s Human Traffic, who managed to smuggle in their underage member Anthony, but weren’t able to keep the lid on it. Funny to me, but not the bar staff. Closing the evening was local DIY favorite Scammers who wasted no time harassing the audience and the sound man. Combine the two acts and you’ve antagonized everyone on either side of the bar.

Sandwiched between the locals acts was the socially passive Giant Claw from Ohio. The sole member of Giant Claw, Keith Rankin, performed several lengthy, improvisational pieces. While at times meandering, Rankin shied away from extended soloing in favor of reiteration of melodic phrases and arpeggios. By avoiding self-indulgence and emphasizing repetition, the music remained meditative and introverted, even when it had groove.

During the performance the bar was rife with chatter from the crowd whose limited participation relegated Giant Claw’s performance to background music for a conversation. However, Rankin didn’t seem to mind and he kept the sounds flowing. This apparent laid back demeanor may belie his prolific output and eye to detail. Case in point; he sound-checked his microphone only to briefly introduce himself and make a plug for his suitcase full of tapes and vinyl, all of which happen to be distributed from his own label Orange Milk.


Listen to Giant Claw’s set now with the embed below (32:27)

Listen to Giant Claw’s set later, with tracks already separated, by clicking the mediafire link below*

Set list for Giant Claw*

1. Untitled

2. Untitled II (14:43)

3. Untitled III (27:26)

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This recording was made and posted with permission of Kieth Rankin, who’s not just a musician, but a really nice guy. Help a nice guy eat by visiting his webpages and purchasing some wares. If you like post/blog then leave a comment, share with your friends, and subscribe. Bye now!

*Editor’s Note: Since these songs are improvisational, they are untitled and transition from one into without pause. As it’s not overtly evident where one song ends and the other begins, I’ve separated tracks in a way that seemed to make the most sense to me.