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Performed December 14, 2013 at Harling’s in Kansas City, Missouri

Bummer 12/14/13

Bummer; Underage overdrive. Photo by Andrew Erdrich

Finding a few minors amidst the crowd at Harling’s is to be expected. The bar does hold a certain reputation, but perhaps that’s all changing. The doorman is now checking ID’s and taking money, the main hookup Derrick has moved on to be a butcher’s apprentice, the bubbling paint on the ceiling is seemingly repaired, and there’s a new “talent up-charge” for drinks on show nights. Yet last Saturday I stood witness to Bummer, a three piece fresh outta high school, pummeling an audience mostly ten years their senior. Maybe Harling’s hasn’t changed that much.

This was the first time I had actually listened to Bummer and frankly I was impressed. Sure, they may be a reboot of dissonant hard rock from the 90’s, but they’re still young, they can evolve. Besides, some people (like yours truly) still like that sort of thing. I also admire the way they shamelessly lay their influences out in the open by covering The Jesus Lizard’s “Seasick,” or running through a few measures of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box.” They clearly acknowledge their lineage. These guys are no slouches either; Bummers show at Harling’s followed an earlier show at The Dollhouse. Let’s hope college doesn’t break up the band.


Listen to Bummers set now with the embed below (21:50)

Listen to Bummer’s set later, with tracks already separated, by clicking the mediafire link below

Set List for Bummer

1. Infinite Witches

2. Good News (2:00)

3. Estocata (4:26)

4. Dude Baby (9:01)

5. Dorm Water (12:42)

6. Seasick [The Jesus Lizard] (16:37)

7. Sports (19:42)

For More Bummer Click the Link Below

Thanks to the young men of Bummer for allowing me to record their set. They are scarce on physical media, but you can still support them by going to their shows, liking their facebook page, or forking over some cash for digital downloads on their bandcamp site. Thanks to you readers for staying with me. This will most likely be the last post until the new year as I am away on holiday. As always, your shares, subscribes, comments, likes, and continued readership are always appreciated. Have a great holiday!