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Performed February 13, 2014 at FOKL in Kansas City, Kansas

Front man Kevin Boyer with his worn axe, and drummer in mid beat; Photo by Brock Hildebrandt

Front man Kevin Boyer with his worn axe and drummer Beren Elkine in mid beat repping the Wipers; Photo by Brock Hildebrandt

The ever caustic yet catchy Tyvek played their first Kansas City venue since forming in Detroit way back in 2004. Over the years their ever changing lineup has featured as many as five members at once. However, for their appearance at FOKLTyvek performed as a three piece, arguably their point of irreducible complexity. Front-man and founder Kevin Boyer was joined by drummer Beren Elkine (Eat Skull, The Intelligence), and a bassist simply referred to as “Scott.”

Despite having never played KC, this isn’t Tyvek’s first visit to the area. They played Scion’s garage-rock fest in Lawrence a few years back, and have since returned to LFK to perform again. Typically a show such as this would default to Lawrence, but it seems FOKL‘s formula of budget friendly, all ages, BYOB events has been attracting more and more national mid-sized acts.

The crowd was sizable for a Thursday, but there was still plenty of room inside FOKL to find a private, dark corner. Tyvek’s 14 song set included tracks off all of their full lengths and spanned over 45 minutes. Some of their songs were by the book (such as Air Conditioner) while others were extended versions, maybe with another song mashed into the end (i.e. Returns running into Little Richard). One song, Underwater, featured a guitar rig malfunction caused by a stage climbing fan. Boyer, without missing a word, kept singing and managed to fix his dilemma in time for the solo. The end product is a good example of Tyvek’s adaptability. They took adversity and made it into something listenable. It’s most likely this sort of attitude that has allowed them to persist for over a decade with no signs of slowing down.



Editor’s notes:

I am proud to say Kevin Boyer is planning on releasing Big Urges’ recording of Tyvek’s set as a “live at fokl” cassette! This sort of occasion is business as usual for the prolific musician, but a new precedent for the blog! Updates to come, as new information surfaces.


Listen to Tyveks set now with the embed below (45:30)

Listen to Tyvek’s set later, with tracks already separated, by clicking the mediafire link below


Set List for Tyvek

1. Scaling

2. Stop Start (4:43)

3. City of a Dream (6:13)

4. Say Yeah–>Midwest Basements (7:24)

5. Air Conditioner (13:01)

6. Mary Ellen Claims (16:30)

7. Underwater (19:27)

8. Underwater To (22:07)

9. Returns–>Little Richard (28:03)

10. Give It Up (36:38)

11. Future Junk (40:54)

12. Sea Walls (43:00)


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Thank you to the members of Tyvek for allowing their performance to be recorded, and a double-thanks to them for their interest in issuing its release as a cassette! will update when the tape drops. Until then, show your support for Tyvek by trucking over to their website and buying something. If you like this blog then kindly share it, subscribe to it, leave some comments, and keep reading. You can also like and follow the facebook page,, for more bonus material!