This is a running list of band names that could be or may already be, unbeknownst to the authors. Submissions/suggestions are always welcomed. This page is co-authored by Max Crutcher and Andrew Erdrich. Enjoy!


The 7 Breeds of Chao



Agro Dulce

American Cheese

Baked Alaska

The Bermuda Squares

Big Chief & The Little Indians

Black Lungs

Bronze Medal

Bulbous Look

Burn Books

Charley Horse

The Cheddars

Critical Joint

The Cucumbers

The Cum Dumpsters

Dead Celebrities

Dead Comedians

Death Blunt

Deep Massage

Designated Hitlers

The Duds


Estrogen Bomb

Exploding Blood (Thank you Guitar Wolf)

Famous Dead People

Fantasy Knives

Fat Lip & The Broken Hand (Thank you Daniel Handler)

Female Tamale (Thanks Wiley Cowdin)


Floating Head

Flood Bar

Foam (Thanks Andy Davis)

Funky Butter

George Washington’s Denchers

The Genius Bar

The Gherries

Gin Blood

The Gingers

Girly Temple (Thanks Wiley Cowdin)

Heddy Float

Hover Head

Hot Knives

If, And, or But


Jury Duty

The Kirkland Signature Brand Band

The Lawnmowers

The Layabouts

Lazy Susans

Lolita And The Pedophiles

Massive Head (Thanks Tiny Mix Tape)

Micheal’s Bar Mitzvah

Mineral Spirits (Thank you Andy Davis)

Negative Space


Permanent Vacation

Petrified Dunes (Thank You Brittany Ficken)

Pool Slide


Purple Dragon

The Quacks

Red Card

Regular Sloppy Joes

Rough Hand Job

Shit Eaters

Sickle Sale


Street Livers

Soggie Wasabis

Swamp Pocket (Thanks Thomas Luna)

T-Shirt Cannon

The Bloody Tampons

Temple Tantrum


Truant Druids

Twins Pyramid


Vicious VD

Wanh, Wanh, Wanh

X Rated


Zebra Mussels (Thank You Perry Kroll)


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