Performed October 5, 2013 at The Middle East in Kansas City, Missouri

Torben in the red-lit basement of The Middle East, Phote by Andy Erdrich

Torben in the red-lit basement of The Middle East, Photo by Andrew Erdrich

In the short span of their existence Torben garnered high esteem within the KC underground for delivering unforgivable, riff laden, heavy metal. This three piece matriarch of death is composed of Danni Parelman on guitar, Anna St. Louis on bass, and Libby Zanders on drums. Their untimely end is a result of bassist Anna St. Louis, who also pulls double-duty in Bloodbirds, moving out of town.

Torben‘s popularity was evident when upon witnessing the sheer number of people who turned out for their their last showing at The Middle East. The double backyard was so full it made me wonder if anyone was even inside to watch the bands. All doubts were dashed once I realized the basement was too packed to accommodate another person. Torben‘s set was modest, only about 30 minutes, but the crowd urged them for an encore and were rewarded with a truncated version of Motörhead‘s “Lost Johnny.”

Among the artifacts Torben leave behind are a short five song, self-titled demo; this live recording; and perhaps another (most likely better mixed) version of the same show, courtesy of Mike Tuley. As for the future, Parelman and Zanders are still playing in Peace Warriors alongside Jordan Carr of Dark Ages, so maybe seeing them will fill the newly created Torben shaped void in your head. No guarantees.


Listen to Torbens set now with the embed below (32:26)

Listen to Torben’s set later, with tracks already separated, by clicking the mediafire link below

Set List for Torben

1. Second Coming [Alice Cooper cover]

2. Blood (2:03)

3. Burning World (4:20)

4. Working Man’s Sabbath (6:31)

5. Mother Sludge (9:23)

6. Psyched to Die [Deep Wound cover] (12:16)

7. Runner (14:12)

8. Zone Boss (18:46)

9. Deposer (20:48)

10. Guts [Budgie] (23:58)

11. Heavy Loader (27:04)

12.Lost Johnny [Mötorhead cover] (30:51)

For More Torben click the link below

This recording was created with permission from the stand up members of Torben, who will be missed both as a symbols of strong independent women and for their impeccable skill in melting faces. Mothers of sludge, may your ghost live on!

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