Performed September 16, 2013 at Prospero’s Uptown in Kansas City, Missouri

Billy Mack and friend Ruthie Miller, Photo By Andrew Erdrich

Billy Mack and friend Ruthie Miller, Photo By Andrew Erdrich

Sometimes it’s difficult to predict how a concert is going to turn out. I booked this show as a favor to Kyle Klipowicz (a.k.a. Bowl of Dust & Co., a performer that evening), who wanted a show in an unconventional venue. Sure, it’s no laundromat, but I’ve never seen a show at Prospero’s Uptown, though they are rumored to host them. Combine the low profile performance space with dreary weather and a competing punk show just up the street, and you could have the makings of a very poorly attended concert. Indeed, as the first act JAMetatone began performing, the room was very sparse. But just as the first set started rolling the audience started growing. By the time Bowl of Dust & Co. began there were nearly 30 people in the crowd.

Billy Mack Collector featured two musicians; the namesake Billy Mack, and his friend Ruthie MillerBilly played guitar and took lead vocals, while Ruthie switched between shakers, a toy piano, mandolin, marimba, and supplied backing vocals. Billy Mack Collector’s set was filled with brief and concise happy songs, wordplay, and, despite the variety of instruments present, an earnest, stripped down production. In fact, all the other performers that night (JAMetatone, Bowl of Dust & Co., & Margo May) played with a very bare-bones setup. There wasn’t even a microphone present!

In the end the performers were granted an appreciative crowd, and the audience was able to enjoy four mellow performances inside a peaceful bookstore on a drizzly KC evening. Furthermore, Billy Mack Collector managed to earn enough money to break even for the day and continue on to the next show. So it’s a happy ending, not too happy, but nonetheless seemingly appropriate.


Listen to Billy Mack Collector’s set now with the embed below (18:10)

Listen to Billy Mack Collector’s set later, with tracks already separated, by clicking the mediafire link below

Set list for Billy Mack Collector

1. Gone On The Weekends

2. Shrug Your Shoulds (1:37)

3. Onto The Back Roads (4:45)

4. Alright, Fine, Okay (8:57)

5. The Coast of Pennsylvania (11:47)

6. Saving The Whole World (16:01)

For More Billy Mack Collector click the links below

This recording was made and posted with permission of Billy Mack and Ruthie Miller. They happen to be very cool, so show them some love by buying some tapes, art, or whatever. If you like the blog then leave a comment, share with your friends, and follow. Peace!

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