Performed May 30, 2013 at The Walnut Place Laundromat, Kansas City, Missouri

Ashley Tini 5/30/13, Photo by Sean Starowitz

Ashley Tini 5/30/13, Photo by Sean Starowitz

Von's Stuff 5/30/13, Photo by Sean Starowitz

Von’s Stuff 5/30/13, Photo by Sean Starowitz





















The Walnut Place Laundromat has been the chic spot for Kansas City music the last couple of months thanks to the open mind of owner Wally Badejo and the hard work of artist Sean Starowitz. While it’s popularity is palpable many of the attendees are probably unaware of the lineage of Laundromat music venues which starts with the famous Sudsy Malone’s Rock N’ Roll Laundry and Bar (now defunct) in Cincinnati. From 1986 to 2008 many influential and famous acts passed through Sudsy’s including Yo La Tengo, Modest Mouse, Built To Spill, and 3RA1N1AC along with legions of other lesser known hardcore, punk, and metal bands. Now Byproduct: The Laundromat, Starowitz’s latest alternative-arts-programming-social-practice endeavor, carries that torch.

The first performers of the night were Ashley Tini and Von Hansen, two percussion majors from Kansas University. During their near 40 minute set they played two compositions each, one of which was an original. Von commanded the limited “stage space” while Ashley sprawled her various instruments and accessories across the main Laundromat floor. The dynamic range of their pieces was wide and their timbres unconventional. They achieved these effects through various extended techniques of electronic manipulation, homemade instruments, prepared instruments, and alternative means of striking their instruments. In Ashley’s first piece (track 2) you can plainly hear her tearing paper (sheet music) and using marbles as well as other household objects on her tamtam, while Von talks briefly in track 3, It’s Like the Nothing Never Was, about the homemade instruments he is using which include the guts of a grandfather clock. Let me emphasize that these two people had a lot of gear. Not only were all of Ashley’s percussion instruments huge, but Von set up a five point surround sound system in addition to his stage full of make shift toys and electronic gear. It seemed to take them almost as long to load out as it did to perform. Their performance was well received by the audience and I personally enjoyed their selections, but allow me to pose a question: in the world of compositional music who is greater, the composer or the performer?

Listen to Ashley Tini’s and Van Hansen’s set now with the embed below (37:14)

Listen to Ashley Tini and Von Hansen’s set later, with tracks already separated, with the mediafire download below

Set List for Ashley Tini and Von Hansen

1. Canotila (Composed by Mike McFerron, performed by Von Hansen)

2. Resonance of The Corner Less (Composed by Austin Yip, performed by Ashley Tini) (12:01)

3. It’s Like the Nothing Never Was (Composed and Performed by Von Hansen) (18:43)

4. Rebonds B (Composed by Xenakis, Performed by Ashley Tini) (31:20)

For more Ashley Tini and Von Hansen click the links below

Metatone 5/30/13, Photo by Sean Starowitz

Metatone 5/30/13, Photo by Sean Starowitz











Much later, following the massive load out of the previous performers and after waiting for the delivery of a functional electric bass guitar, Metatone took the stage. Metatone is Ashley Miller’s newest genre band that blends Afro-pop styling with humorous lyrics that cleverly address his personal turmoils (and a happy belated birthday to her) and triumphant recoveries. Metatone is also very much a family affair as his father Gary contributes vocals, percussion, and harmonica and his sister Abbi provides lead female vocals. The biggest surprise of the night was finding Ian Teeple now filling in on bass. Though I will always have a soft spot for their former bassist Hank Eddins, the young Ian was a more than adequate substitute. As usual they were accompanied with Rhys Ziemba on guitar, Jon Kraft on Drums, and the enigmatic Rabbit Killer on the makeshift electric fiddle. The riason d’être for the show was the release of Metatone’s self-titled album which was available for purchase as an impressive, sexy 12″ vinyl record. I suspect they sold a fair number of them as the event and the beer was free, and the crowd was burgeoning and enthusiastic. There was little space to traverse the catwalk while Metatone performed in the small lounge area, but the main floor was filled with shimmying coeds slowly becoming more and more sweaty. I hugged the wall and kept to my recorder which may have been a bad decision as it attracted the attention of the slightly inebriated A. Bitterman whom you can credit for the defamatory interruption during the middle of track 7, Rururu. Thankfully a request from audience member Drew Roth lead Metatone to perform my favorite song, Dark Empress, before they called it a night.


Listen to Metatone’s set now with the embed below (1:06:11)

Listen to Metatone’s set later, with tracks already separated, with the mediafire download below

Set List for Metatone

1. Unknown 1

2. Gemiknife (7:25)

3. When The Dreams Come (12:36)

4. 2 Fine 4 Time (19:30)

5. Unknown 2 (25:37)

6. Happy Rebirthday (33:33)

7. Rururu (38:18)

8. Theme (42:54)

9. Unknown 3 (48:56)

10. Unknown 4 (54:12)

11. Fear Pressure (58:13)

12. Dark Empress (1:02:18)

For more Metatone click the link below

These recordings were posted with permission of the performers so throw em’ a bone and support them by going to their shows and buying their music. If you like my poor recordings of them, then throw ME a bone and subscribe. Thank you.

  1. Awesome set by Metatone! And in a weird laundromat, perfect.

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